Welcome to my blog FOODICTED. Thanks for reading my blog! I hope you’re enjoying my recipes to make the taste of rememberence. I am Kavita Manoj chef, writer, traveller & photographer of this blog.


 Cann’t Stop Thinking AboutFOOD


We are very fond of pure vegetarian food. For us food is like an addiction (“FOODICTED“). We started travelling places in search of variety vegetarian food. However having a busy schedule for my hubby at work place we could not find enough time to explore around. And hence I decided to takes things on my hand and started cooking yummy delicious vegetarian food at home.

I hope you will find these recipes useful which I learnt in my journey so far. Your comments and feed back will boost me up in my blogging journey. So if you try any of the recipe from my blog and if you feel it is worthy enough for an appreciation, please do leave your comment for the recipe in comment section. You can even share it across with your Facebook friends or any other networking sites.

DISCLAIMER: All the contents are subjected to copyrights. Please do not copy the contents from this blog. In case you need the images or data, do get it with my permission.


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